Transparent & Honest

  • We respect customers' rights to make informed purchase decisions.
  • Details about gold and gemstones content, weight & characteristics clearly disclosed.
  • What you see, is what you get. No surprises. No marketing gimmicks.

Elegance Without The Fuss

  • No annoying hooks, clasps or squeezing your wrists.
  • Jewelry you can put on and take off by yourself.
  • Easily accessorizes from day to evening.

Ethical & Sustainable

  • Conflict-free gemstones certified by the Kimberley Process, Jade & Ruby Act - our jewelry does not fund wars, conflicts or human rights violations.
  • Use recycled gold or gold obtained through refineries using responsible gold standards or certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).
  • Require vendors to pay their employees fair wages & engage in fair labor practices.

Timeless Designs, Lifetime Value.

  • Designs that can be worn today, tomorrow and beyond
  • Redefining/Elevating classic designs in 14K or 18K solid gold.
  • Superior quality gemstones, exceptional workmanship.
Timeless Designs by AuXchange Gold Jewelry

Reinvent/Recycle Your Old/Broken Jewelry

  • Give us your broken or missing jewelry items.
  • We will refine & reuse the gold and gemstones whenever possible.
  • We recycle resources + your total cost is lower than buying a new piece.

We Donate 10% of Every Sale to Your Choice of Girls’ Empowerment Charities

  • Socially-conscious small business.
  • Donations benefit CamFED, Girls Inc., LA, EmpowHer Institute.
  • You select the charity, AuXchange donates 10% & more.

Daily life is hectic enough without worrying about your jewelry.

AuXchange jewelry is designed to empower women to live their fullest, most beautiful life.

As a working mom, I wanted tasteful daily-wear jewelry that worked with my busy lifestyle and that I could wear on my own. Most jewelry brands meet some, but not all these criteria. That’s why I founded AuXchange Gold Jewelry.

AuXchange Jewelry:

  • Moves & works with your busy lifestyle.
  • Is TimelessEasy to wear without help from others.
  • Engineered not to pinch, squeeze or cause pain while wearing.
  • Ethically-sourced, superior materials that maintain sparkle even with daily wear. 
  • Tastefully elegant during the day, easily transitions to evening.
  • Investment quality jewelry at reasonable rates that retain and increase in value.
  • % proceeds support the social cause of advancing girls' education and empowerment.