Pisces Zodiac Necklace


Birthdays between February 19 and March 20 fall under the Pisces zodiac sign. People born under the Pisces sign are very compassionate. But they are often torn between reality and fantasy. This dichotomy is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. The Pisces woman is magical and mysterious. They sometimes don rose-colored glasses in face of problems, making them seem flaky. The AX rose-gold creations offer this slippery fish the perfect escapist respite so they can focus on the tasks at hand.

The Pisces Clover necklace is available in 14K Rose Gold with the Amethyst by-the-yard station chain and in 14K Yellow Gold with the Aquamarine by-the-yard station chain. Length is 16 inches, adjustable to 15 inches.

February’s birthstone is the beautiful purple Amethyst symbolic of protection. It is worn to protect people, quiet the mind and help control addictions. When worn in jewelry, it can improve the amethyst wearer’s health and well-being.

Gemstone tcw: 0.34 ct.
Amethyst(genuine enhanced): 0.30 ct. Natural white diamonds: 0.04 ct. G Color, VS Clarity
14K Rose Gold weight: approx. 3.3 to 3.6 grams.

March’s birthstone is Aquamarine. Creativity, hope, self-expression and courage are characteristics of the Aquamarine gemstone. Wearing jewelry with Aquamarines boosts love, youth, good health and happiness.

Gemstone tcw: 0.34 ct.
Aquamarine(genuine enhanced): 0.30 ct. Natural white diamonds: 0.04 ct. G Color, VS Clarity
14K Yellow Gold weight: approx. 3.3 to 3.6 grams.

See AX Gemstone Care Policy. If you wish to order a different metal color or gemstone variation, please contact us for availability and pricing. Variations are considered special orders, requiring a 50% deposit and may require between 4-6 weeks for delivery. Special orders cannot be returned or exchanged. See AX Return Policy.

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