Yellow Diamond Paisley Studs | AX-MENA


Dainty stud earrings shaped like a paisley in 14K sand blasted matte yellow gold with 3 natural yellow diamonds. Native to India and Iran, the paisley motif is a symbol of life and fertility. Also considered a sign of strength and resistance, it was popular as a textile pattern to decorate royal regalia, crowns, and court garments in Iran and on shawls made in Kashmir, India.

Representative of a teardrop, the paisley was made popular in the western culture by the Beatles and the 60's love movement. 

Measuring 0.25 inches, these paisley studs are perfect low-key accessories or as second hole earrings.

Product Details

14K Yellow Gold weight ~ 1 gram
Gemstones: Natural Yellow Diamonds
Carat: 0.07 tcw
Cut: round brilliant
Clarity: SI2
Color: Yellow

Please contact us if you wish to purchase single studs. 



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