Au Xchange celebrates a woman’s ability to buy and design her own jewelry—actively continuing the tradition of self-empowerment through ownership of fine jewelry. We created Au Xchange as a way for every woman to express herself in her own way.

Au Xchange is the product of my love and passion for jewelry. I was born and raised in India, where it is said that the world’s love of diamonds was born. It is common knowledge that Indians are fascinated with gold. As a young girl, I found that gifts of gold jewelry helped deepen my bond with my father. One year, after placing first in my class, my father gave me tiger's eye earrings cushioned in 24K gold. Another year, he gave me a set of heavy, intricate 24K gold bracelets to mark a special holiday. My father did not live with us, so these gifts were more than tokens for me.

For Indian women, gold jewelry is a revered cultural tradition. It is at the core of every important milestone. A collection of gold jewelry in the hands of my mother represented independent wealth to be used by her as she pleased until she passed it on to her heirs. Gold jewelry was, and continues to be an important source of empowerment, giving women greater control over their own destinies.

I did not start my career designing jewelry. I’m a lawyer by training. Yet my childhood passion for jewelry has persisted. For years, I designed my own jewelry and helped friends and family design and procure jewelry for weddings and other special occasions. But it was my daughter who, in a spontaneous declaration, triggered my decision to pursue my passion. It was at her kindergarten Thanksgiving celebration. The theme was gratitude. I sat in an audience of hundreds of students and parents, moved as kids shyly expressed appreciation for family, friends, and pets. Imagine my surprise when my 5-year old stood on stage and proudly asserted, “I’m thankful for jewelry!” There was raucous laughter from the crowd. I had never spoken to my daughter about my passion. But I suppose it was so embedded in the fabric of our lives that my 5 year old had embraced it naturally. Her message was bold and it empowered me.

It was time . . . I wanted to, even needed to, create something to show my deep appreciation for the richness jewelry lends to women’s lives – literally and figuratively.

And thus, Au Xchange!

Empowering Women One Gold Piece at a Time!