My name is Azra Mehdi. AuXchange Gold Jewelry is the product of my love and passion for jewelry. It is said that the world’s love of diamonds was born in India and Indians’ fascination with gold is legendary. I was born and grew up in Mumbai, India until the age of 17, when I traveled to the United States for further education.  As a young girl, my father's gifts of gold jewelry to reward my successes helped deepen my bond with him leaving an indelible positive connection to gold. My father worked and lived in the Middle East so he could better provide for us, so these gifts were more than mere tokens. 

Although I did not start my career designing jewelry, my childhood passion for jewelry persisted. For years, I designed my own jewelry and helped friends and family design and procure jewelry for weddings and other special occasions. But it was my daughter who, in a spontaneous declaration, triggered my decision to pursue my passion. It was at her kindergarten Thanksgiving celebration. The theme was gratitude. I sat in an audience of hundreds of students and parents, moved as kids shyly expressed appreciation for family, friends, and pets. Imagine my surprise when my 5-year old stood on stage and proudly asserted, “I’m thankful for jewelry!” There was raucous laughter from the crowd. I had never spoken to my daughter about my passion. Her message and her role as the messenger was undeniable. It empowered me.

I knew then that my appreciation and gratitude for the richness jewelry lends to women’s lives – literally and figuratively - was something that I had to share with everyone in my own community and beyond.