AuXchange’s brand values are designed to reinforce our mission to empower girls and women one gold piece at a time.

Empowering Women is a core value of the AuXchange brand. Gold jewelry makes women feel beautiful and confident. Gold jewelry purchased by women for themselves makes them feel powerful. Gold jewelry purchased by women with the knowledge that their purchase is elevating one or more disadvantaged girls, deprived of a basic education, empowers them and creates a cycle of empowerment designed to better the conditions for all women. Looking and feeling good while helping other women is the highest form of self-empowerment. 

Educating Girls - From inception, AuXchange has been committed to supporting the cause of educating girls everywhere in the world by donating at least 10% (and more) of each sale (not just profit) to one or more reputable partner organizations devoted to this noble cause. Although much has been written and spoken about how education is the key for women to achieve economic independence, equal access to education remains a major problem for girls, especially in developing countries. Educating girls is not just about equality, but about the very survival and sustainability of the human race and the environment, tackling climate change, eliminating wars, promoting peace and progress. 

Ethical & Sustainable Sourcing Practices - AuXchange is committed to using ethically refined gold from sources vetted by the RJC or Responsible Jewellery Council. All of our gemstones are ethically sourced from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict diamonds and in compliance with the stringent Kimberley Process and United Nations resolutions. Our ruby and jadeite vendors maintain a system of verifiable controls from mine to manufacture confirming that such gemstones were not mined or extracted from Burma (Myanmar). All of the other colored gemstones used have similar controls in place to ensure the compliance with all human rights and United Nations resolutions.

Ethical Labor Practices - AuXchange is committed to working with vendors who engage in fair labor practices. We perform due diligence to ensure that our fine gold jewelry is manufactured with partners who pay their workers fair wages for work done, implement fair work hours, and provide clean and safe work environments for their workers.

Effortless Elegance - AuXchange mantra is that women should wear beautiful jewelry and forget about it so they can focus on their work or family, pleasure or business while making an impression. Hence, our tagline, “Make a statement without saying a word.” We design jewelry that allows women to wear it themselves without needing assistance from others. Our jewelry doesn’t snag or get caught in clothes, cause difficulty in putting on or taking off, or cause your ears to be weighed down.

Exact Information - AuXchange prides itself on its transparency, providing complete information including the quality and weight of the gold and gemstones about each of its jewelry pieces.

Excellent Workmanship & Value - AuXchange designs are timeless, redefined modern classics. AuXchange workmanship elevates these designs, adding value through our high quality ethically sourced materials and carefully engineered designs.