The notion behind the A-Collection was to take the basic and notch it up to the A-grade. We focused on the very basic staple in every woman’s jewelry box – the hoop. Not only are we upping our hoop game, we are defying every stereotype of the hoop. Who says they have to be round? Who says they have to be one-dimensional? Who says they have to be one color? Smash those stereotypes! Bring your A-game! Hoop it up!

I am dedicating the A-Collection to my beautiful son Aaryan. His dedication and passion for hoops inspires me to raise my hoop game.


Want to seriously up your hoop game? Gotta have determination and the right attitude. The AX-Fancy Hoops have serious attitude. They dazzle from the front, the back and the sides! The matte brushed gold bed makes the gemstones pop. Talk about smashing stereotypes – Find the color that matches your attitude! And if we don’t have it, we will make it for you. Your attitude, Your AX-Fancy Hoop!

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Can a hoop really be square? We are defying the establishment and giving the soft rounded hoop some sharp elbows. So, get out of the way – edgy cool is about to take over! Measuring 1 inch in length, the AX Rectangle Hoops elevate the ordinary hoop. Encrusted in gemstones from top to bottom and back around the inside, “ice” takes on a whole new meaning.

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The AX-Round Hoop is no ordinary hoop - brighten up as your day accessory or add sparkle to your evening. The AX-Round Hoop has gemstones wherever the eye catches them - the front and the inside back. Measures 1 inch in Diameter.

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We promised to up the hoop game . . . and we delivered. The AX-Triangle Hoops makes you sparkle from every angle. The AX-Triangle Hoops have gemstones on the top, front and the back.Measures 1 inch from top to bottom.

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