With the H-Collection, we honor the very essence of being by paying tribute to horoscopes, zodiac signs and birthstones. The H-Collection was inspired by my amazing daughter, Hana, whose name means bliss in Arabic, and who epitomizes grace and beauty. We wish the wearers of the H-Collection creations good luck, good fortune, good health and a blissful life.



This necklace series celebrates the zodiac which is divided into twelve signs, each occupying 30° of celestial longitude and roughly corresponding to the constellations with each zodiac sign straddling two months.

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The H-Collection Birthstone Clover pays tribute to your birth month. The rare four-leaf clover has been a good luck omen for centuries. Nestled in the heart of the matte finished four leaf clover is your birthstone. Wear it by itself or layer it with other AX-Brand pieces.

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The H-Collection Birthstone Threader Earrings pay tribute to your birth month. They are delicate and playful and incredibly light earrings. Wear them all day and into the evening - you will feel like you are not wearing anything. Two bezel set diamonds offset the larger birthstone and sparkle with movement. Pair these with your Zodiac Clover or your Birthstone Clover necklace!

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