AX-Mom | Japanese Mom Necklace


The origin of the Japanese language is in much dispute, and far be it for us to add fuel to that fire. This pendant depicts the humble word for mother in Japanese, 母 (haha).

One reason Au Xchange founder Azra Mehdi chose 母 (haha) because this is the word you use when you speak about your own mother (never to refer to other people’s mothers).  

The pendant is a square shape since the square, circle and triangle are symbolic in the Japanese culture – it symbolizes a prolonged state of presence, when the God within has awakened.

Total weight of the necklace is approximately 6.5 grams.
Gemstone: White Diamond
4C’s Details:
Carat: ½ carat TW
Color: Natural White
Clarity: VS1
Cut: Round Brilliant 

See AX Gemstone Care Policy. If you wish to order a different metal color variation, please contact us for availability and pricing. Variations are considered special orders and may require between 4-6 weeks for delivery. See AX Return Policy

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