Shamshir Necklace | AX-MENA


Shamshir means sword in the Persian language. Persian swords were originally straight and double edged. Curved blades began to appear in Persia in the 9th century during many wars when they were first introduced from Central Asia into Iran. They were modified over many centuries to become the recognizable Shamshir with the radically-curved blade.

For our interpretation of the Shamshir, we packed beautiful blue sapphires on the curved blade with a white and black diamond cross guard. 

Shamshir necklace with 14K Rose Gold Anchor chain - Total gold weight 3.7 grams. Pendant is 1.25 inches long on a 1.25 mm custom Anchor chain measuring 18 inches that is adjustable to 17 or 16 inches.

Gemstones: 0.45ct tcw
Type: Diamond
Carat: 0.05 ct
Clarity: GVS
Color: White

Type: Blue Sapphire
Carat: 0.40 ct
Color: Deep Blue
Clarity: Type 2
Cut: Round Brilliant

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