Capricorn Zodiac Necklace


Birthdays between December 22 and January 19 fall under the Capricorn zodiac sign. People born under this sign are skilled navigators and have laser-like focus. They refuse to allow anything to distract them from their goals. The Capricorn woman is youthful, playful and optimistic.

The Capricorn Clover necklace is available in 14K White Gold for the Tanzanite bezel chain and in 14K Yellow Gold with the Garnet bezel chain. Length is 16 inches, adjustable to 15 inches.

Tanzanite is one of the December birthstones. Tanzanite is an exquisite purple blue that is at the core of its healing ability to soothe and calm. Tanzanite can reduce obsessive tendencies and instill a healthy feeling of being “centered.” Tanzanite's healing properties help truthful thinking and articulate communication.

Gemstone tcw: 0.44 ct. 
Tanzanite (genuine enhanced): 0.40 ct.; Natural white diamonds: 0.04 ct. G Color, VS Clarity
14K White Gold weight: approx. 3.4 to 3.6 grams (solid gold with rhodium plating).

January’s birthstone Garnet has attributes such as faith, love and courage. Wearing Garnet helps increase a sense of self-worth. It also helps build energy levels. Some believe that garnets help prevent nightmares in children.

Gemstone tcw: 0.44 ct. 
Garnet (genuine): 0.40 ct. Natural white diamonds: 0.04 ct. G Color, VS Clarity
14K Yellow Gold weight: approx. 3.4 to 3.6 grams.

See AX Gemstone Care Policy. If you wish to order a different variation, please contact us  for availability and pricing. Variations are considered special orders and may require between 4-6 weeks for delivery. See AX Return Policy.

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